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It is an undeniable fact that parents are the ones who brought the children in life, from the time they got married. They are the ones who reproduce the human kind in a given society, as in this way they contribute to the development of the human history. Parents or family as a whole, are one of the direct holder of educational work. Parents are aware of the work on the development of children, but at the same time they need pedagogical information on the right to education of their children. Just for these reasons, the pedagogues and psychologists as well as other researchers, emphasize in an argumentative way, the role of the parents in their overall children’s development, focusing the development of their personality in the family and wider. The so called “children’s development climate”, more frequently has been seen from the perspective of three interacting factors or dimensions such as: 1.Parental happiness or pleasure to their children’s achievement; 2.Needs and the stress that imposes the parental role in the process; 3.The feeling regarding the parental competences towards their children overall development. The education for life in a given family commences with the first days of the child’s live. It is consisting mainly of acquiring experience which is usually affected by constant learning. In this regard the parents as well as the family as whole, play the role of the direct leaders as well as supporters of the implementation of the education of their children. As this is one of the core factors of influence, it can be seen as the fundamental one which with no doubt has a greater influence on the overall development and creation of the human personality. When parents involve themselves in the education process of their children, usually the outcome can be qualified as a positive and encouraging one. In this regard, they are usually connected and act under their own parental attitudes, which are transmitted through their demonstration of mutual confidentiality regarding the children’s capabilities and their overall learning capacity which leads them towards succeeding over the learning, education as a complex process. Therefore, parents should get involved in supporting their children in doing their homework, as in this way they offer their parental support as one of the key strategies leading towards a successful education of their children at school. Educational level of children in the family depends more on the level of the parent’s education, so this factor strongly affects family relationships and the successful development of children. The proverb says - Mother is the first and the best teacher. The role of the woman or the mother as an educator represents a crucial resource to the development of the individual identity, which from researchers is seen even as more important as the very marital status of the parents and the occupation of the parents themselves. Each child which grows up and is educated in the presence of mother, for sure is expected to reach an appropriate physical, psychological as well as social development. In this regard, these children have a much better appearance, they look happy and they enjoy the childhood in general. They are communicative and they are ready to cooperate. For this reason, mother’s love and care to the child, is full and well completed, and as such is often accepted by other members of the very family. This type of cultivated love and affection can be qualified as a key condition for an appropriate development of the children in a given family. The father in a family is a very important factor, concerning the organization of a nice and appropriately functional development of a house hold, with a specific accent on the children. In order to have a successfully brought up and well educated children in one family, parents are crucial and they must be careful to some elements which play a key role in raising, bringing up and educating their children. Firstly, while the parent’s principal role in the family is the education and the bringing up of their children, then the main obligation of their children is to study harder and properly. For this aim, they need to be well instructed how to study, based upon rules and principles of an appropriate learning and studying. This approach would open to them the doors of the world of a behaviorist attitude towards the work, making possible for them to get to know better the relevance of working as one of the main behaviorist elements of the human kind. Secondly, the development of the child is in fact an overall child’s personality formation. The parents as educators must be able to recognize the basic features of their child, interests, temperament and especially the child’s emotional features regarding the child’s character. Thirdly, the child’s personality formation has resulted to be constructed mostly based upon child’s socialization in general. The socialization process as such, for sure nowadays represents the most important one of all other processes involved in his formation as a child. Part of being involved in your children’s lives includes ensuring they are engaged and challenged in their educational environment, as well as supporting their learning along the way. It’s also important that children enjoy the learning process.