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Class management is always a serious issue for new teachers, we need to think about the questions below: Why is it essential? In my opinion, class management is the key to deliver a good lesson, as the teacher, if we can not manage our class well, it will be a mess, because the students will easily lose their concentration, either they don't think the lesson is interesting or it is not useful for them to learn or perhaps the teacher does not make a good impression for them, as the problems above we need to think carefully. How we manage our class? We need to think about how we manage our class and how to make it more interesting and effective. As a teacher who has been working in this industry for over two years, I have been through this kind of situation many times. First, we should think about the particular students in your class, we need to analyze them, to find out their demands, motivations, and interests. After we know what is their real needs, we can figure out some solutions to avoid these particular students to get bored easily or to interrupt other learners. in my view, we can create some class activities to drag their attention, the first lesson is really important to build up the relationship with the students, there is no point to use the coursebook for the first lesson, there are usually two types of people, the new group, in this kind of group the students don't know each other and some will be needed to establish rapport between the class members. Another one would be the existing group, in this group the students are already likely to know and be comfortable with each other. Also, we need to analyze their level of English, by doing that we can create some games or activities to make the class more fun and interesting, and what is more important is the language, we should use simple language as much as possible, don't use technical language, and try to demonstrate more. What efficient way we can use? In how we make our classes more effectively, we could use some of the methods, at the beginning of the class we need to use a warmer to get their attention. Imagine you are a language student. It is early on a grey, cold Friday morning as you arrive in class. The teacher says "Good morning. Let's talk about the present continuous tense". It is hardly going to inspire and motivate the students. That's what a warmer for. We can use some typical ideas such as Passing the ball, memory games. What kind of problems will we usually face? We will generally teach a different type of people. there are young learners and the people who have requirements in the business. Before considering how to discipline, we need to think about some of the reasons why such problems may arise. Problems at home or outside the classroom, It is not too much you can do about this, The best thing you can do if you feel this is the case, is to make your school's administration aware of the problem and let them follow it up. Another example would be attention-seeking. Try to give the students the attention. Make them your assistant or group leader and involve them as much as possible. In conclusion, we need to work on the solutions above to make sure we are always well-prepared to present a good lesson for our pupils.