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Lesson planning is at the heart of being an effective teacher. It is a creative process that allows us to synthesize our understanding of second language acquisition and language teaching pedagogy with our knowledge of our learners, the curriculum, and the teaching context. It is a time when we envision the learning we want to occur and analyze how all the pieces of the learning experience should fit together to make that vision a classroom reality. There are lots of benefits of writing a lesson plan; •It is a reminder for the teacher when they get distracted. •In the classroom,well-prepared teachers show ownership of the learning area they teach. •With lesson plan,teachers are being ready to cope with whatever happens. •Consistent effective lesson planning is essential for successful experiences in both teaching and learning process. •It makes teaching systematic and organized. •It stops unnecessary repetition of contents. •Although the main teaching contents may be the same,the students,the time and the mood are all different. •It enhances student performance. A teacher with a plan, then, is a more confident teacher . The teacher is clear on what needs to be done, how, and when. The lesson will tend to flow more smoothly because all the information has been gathered and the details have been decided upon beforehand. The teacher will not waste class time flipping through the textbook, thinking of what to do next, or running to make photocopies. The teacher’s confidence will inspire more respect from the learners, thereby reducing discipline problems and helping the learners to feel more relaxed and open to learning. Some teachers feel that lesson planning takes too much time. Yet lesson plans can be used again, in whole or in part, in other lessons months or years in the future . Many teachers keep files of previous lessons they have taught, which they then draw on to facilitate planning for their current classes. In other words, lesson planning now can save time later. Lesson plans can be useful for other people as well . Substitute teachers face the challenge of teaching another teacher’s class and appreciate receiving a detailed lesson plan to follow. Knowing that the substitute is following the plan also gives the regular classroom teacher confidence that the class time is being used productively in his or her absence. In addition, lesson plans can also document for administrators the instruction that is occurring. If a supervisor wants to know what was done in class two weeks ago, the teacher only has to refer to that day’s lesson plan. Finally, lesson plans can serve as evidence of a teacher’s professional performance. Teachers are sometimes asked to include lesson plans, along with other materials, as part of a portfolio to support their annual performance evaluation. Teachers applying for new jobs might be asked to submit lesson plans as part of their job application so that employers can get a sense of their organizational skills and teaching style. Finally, With a lesson plan as a teaching tool, you can plan your lessons in the most purposeful manner.Healthy classroom management is driven by a systematic pattern of teaching.With a well-chalked out plan of learning activities and routines, you will be able to present the subject matter straight and clean.