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Learning difficulties What is a learning difficulty? This term defines the individuals that have struggle or is harder for them to acquire a new skill or learning topic when comparing with his or her peers, this could be due to mental handicap or even a cognitive disorder, but that doesn’t mean that the person a person is less intelligent, that means that the person learns in a different way , and maybe the traditional activities could not be suitable and maybe requires a special training strategy and prepare special class to help in the development of the student. This problem appears in people from all ages, no matter if you are old or young, but certainly this kind of problems like Down Syndrome or attention hyperactive deficit disorder (ADHD) can affect mainly when the person is learning to write and read, these two basic and important skills decrease the possibility of learning in other areas, this problem can also be seen in adult people who is taking courses learn and write, maybe they were child with this issues not properly supported. Recognizing these persons sometimes is not an easy task, all persons are different form each other and the behavior and symptoms are not always the same, not supporting the child facing the problem could cause low self-esteem and rejection when trying to learn new things, this can lead to create an adult without enough skills to get a job in the today’s world. Here are some of the most frequent types of learning difficulties: Dyslexia: 10 – 15% population have some learning difficulties due to dyslexia, causing some problems hearing the sounds that create the words, people can also face difficulty reading, including reading aloud, spelling and of course the try to avoid any activity that incudes reading, can also have issues when writing words correctly, problems remembering or naming letters. ADD and ADHD Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) this kind of students are difficult to be detected, sometimes we can find them due to the low performance, these children have trouble focusing and concentrating in one task and they are not necessary troublemakers. Slow processing. People with this problem take more time to understand a concept, and struggle to start a task, reading comprehension and complete in time the activities in classroom can be challenging too. Dysgraphia. This problem due to a motor skill may cause people pain when writing when holding a pen, so they try to avoid any writing task and create a chaotic written assignment. Down syndrome. People with this syndrome now have a lot of support in many countries, attending to a normal school, and even graduating from universities. This people now are supported by technology, they can learn thanks to computers repeating tasks, making them feel more comfortable. People with learning problems can be supported and teachers and parents can foster together the self-esteem even if the pupil has physical impairment. It´s clear that the self-esteem is something build by teachers, parents and peers, a person good support to manage the impairments is more likely to be optimistic and have the necessary attitude to do the things that he or she needs. They need to be taught to trust in themselves.