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WHAT ARE COURSE MATERIALS? There are many materials that can be used during the classroom, Course materials mean anything aid material that we bring to use in our teaching process, such as: pictures, crosswords, fashcards, chants, and more visual, audio and video aids, it sometimes makes happier the lesson, These materials can be divided into two groups: Authentic materials and Non – Authentic materials. Therefore this will include: Print, songs, films, poems, menus, tree crossword, Authentic materials : Authentic materials are programs like:, among others, which haven’t been produced for the classroom, so, it’s any text by Native English Speakers for Native English Speakers. They can be Text books (Cheung 2001) , The argument for using authentic materials is derived from the notion, that the most effective way to develop a particular skill is to rehearse that skill in class. an imaginative and motivating higher level course, but rarely features at levels lower than intermediate. - They are very interesting and students gain confidence when they understand them - They are less predictable than examples created for specific teaching purposes ADVANTAGES WHEN YOU USE AUTHENTIC MATERIALS: - They are real more encouraging and interesting because bring learners into direct contact with a specialized English level - They are constantly being up – dated, etc. DISADVANTAGES OF AUTHENTIC MATERIALS: - It’s said that it is difficult and time consuming to select, edit and prepare - They contain more unfamiliar language tht learners can possibly cope with. - Students will panic when faced with language that is largely unfamiliar, and a feeling that to prevent this the language should be edited to the students' level. Non authentic materials: Non authentic materials are usually created by the teacher to replace other materials. It makes happy to artistic teachers, it needs ability for material production, nevertheless , they can be grammar, photocopies etc. Why use non - authentic materials? - They replace or supplement materials from a course book - To facilitate the learning of a language, including videos, grammar, workbooks, etc. ADVANTAGES WHEN YOU USE NON- AUTHENTIC MATERIALS: - Creating materials is much easier and very effective in use. - It focus on an individual teaching point that has been studied that day. Course books It is nominated for the teacher in school . This in terms may affect the student’s learning attitude and motivation. It has a set of materials: -Students book ( for classroom use) -Teacher’s book ( as a guide ) -Workbook -Cassettes -In some cases videos -Other materials as test books, learner dictionaries, vocabulary, etc COURSE BOOK ADVANTAGES: - It is usually expected by the students - It provides security for both students and teachers - It is appealing to the eye - The students can see the progress that they are making and what they have achieved - Providing materials and ideas which saves time when planning - It offers a lot of ideas for the inexperienced teacher. COURSE BOOK DISADVANTAGES - Exclusive use of a course book can become very predictable and boring for the students - It may not be suitable for a particular class - It become a compromise - It may not cover in enough depth language problems specific nationality - Course books can encourage teachers to be less creative and imaginative INTERNET The internet can provide us many resources but we need to be careful when choosing material from this, it is good for searching homework, for example, searching the biography of Michael Jackson, a lyric of a song, etc. but you have to bear in m ind that websites come and go on a regular basis to do anything, It is just an alternative