Teach English in Fengji Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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I have gained a lot from this course. I have a better appreciation of the teaching process, being student focused, and not just simply lecturing. I thought the course covered a lot of material and was very practical. Finally, I learnt and enjoyed very much the lessons on grammar which stimulated in me a wide interest in language and communication. I am undecided about teaching ESL, if I were to do it then I would prefer to teach adults or senior students. I would be comfortable at any of the levels but I would prefer to teach intermediate to upper intermediates. Some of the major aspects of the course that I would put into action are the ones that deal with student psychology and motivation and choice of topics. I would rely on a lot of authentic material and attempt to make the lessons as topical and as interesting as possible whilst teaching the language skills. I would also buy myself some good reference books to study from and I would make sure that the students were learning with progress testing once every week or two.