Teach English in GuolutAn Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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This course has been extremely valuable to me in many regards. I have learned many new aspects of the english language that I had previously understood only on an inconsequential level, such as all the tenses and their various methodologies. I've gained valuable insight about myself as a student, specifically what kind of student I was and what kind of teaching benefited me the most. I can certainly use this insight throughout my lifetime when I engage in new experiences. In addition, and perhaps the most interesting thing I have gained, is a deeper awareness of human psychology, not just of myself, but of other people both young and old. The ability to distinguish all the english tenses and how they should be used is extremely valuable to me as I often enjoy writing and take pride in what I write, especially when it's not just for myself. This will prove to be a long-term asset that will help me in writing and public speech. Having a better idea of how I learn is essential in becoming an even keener observer, and it will undoubtedly help me more easily achieve my goals. One's ability to communicate with people, whether in person or over the information superhighway, is perhaps the most important thing in today's world, especially if you have any aspirations. Knowing how to understand people's capacity to subsist and to address them appropriately is a rare talent that happens to be one of my ultimate goals. Any amount of insight into human psychology will bring me closer to that realization. In conclusion, I expect to be able to use these talents in all of my endeavors. My writing and speaking will be more accurate when I am teaching a class or conversing with co-workers, and my insights into human psychology will help me to be a better teacher, leader, friend and good-natured human being.