Teach English in Huzupu Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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I've learned that there are many aspects to be considered when teaching. One must be fair, intelligent, entertaining to be able to satisfy the students and create a comfortable classroom. I've learned that each students do posses different needs and we are to be able to cater to each individual student. Although, I've been studying english since intermediate school I feel that I've gained deeper knowledge in english which will be absolutely necessary when teaching. We've gone through details in grammar which I may have forgotten or were absolutely new to me. My perception of the english language has changed and with the greater knowledge I gained, I've also feel a lot more respect for the language. The information that was given to me in this class will be kept in my mind and I will try to stay alert and always look back on what I've been taught in our lessons. I've felt that this class has given me more than I expected and would help me in my teaching career. I thought the course was very well structured and now I could go into teaching with confidence and knowledge I couldn't have gained on my own.