Teach English in JiAngjiAji Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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I have to start by saying that I thought my grasp of the english language was better than it turned out to be, needless to say I have learned quite the opposite. My attitude toward this course was also one of apprehension and fear, but I realized that it can be done ? and done well. I have learned that being prepared is the number one key to a successful class or course this is my first observation. I found through the example of the ITTT course itself that a well balanced and well presented lesson can draw students' interaction as well as encourage them to challenge themselves. I have considered the teaching of grammar, seeing how students present their thoughts in either spoken or written is vital to them learning the target language. An understanding of the target group leads into proper preparation for each group. Groups are as unique as each individual. Secondly, why not study writing in the target language? I determined that even as I have had to challenge my own writing skills ( be it for creative or functional communication) I am constantly checking myself for correct grammar, correct structure of my sentences and also whether I am being effective in my word choice. This skill is paramount to solid target language acquisition and it makes you feel good when you look back, edit and re-edit only because you know it can be better. Finally, I have as sense of direction for my language teaching. I have seen through my interactions with other teachers that an end goal is essential. No course organization is complete without an end goal, whether it is the understanding of how to use capital letters correctly or the usage of innuendo and idioms with its full impact.