Teach English in Mafan Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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From this course I have learned about the role of the teacher, how to make lesson plans and create activities, theories of ESL instruction and the basics of english grammar. This course has taught me about the importance of the role of the teacher and how the teacher controls the dynamic and atmosphere of the classroom. It is important to balance teacher talking time and student talking time and ensure interaction. The teacher is the leader of the classroom so their conduct is imperative. The course has taught me about lesson planning and how to make interesting, balanced and academically effective lessons. I was exposed to a variety of different activities and was also given the opportunity to create my own. The most important thing I learned from this section was ESA lessons and how to conduct them. Theories of ESL instruction were also very helpful to be exposed to by this course. In several units I learned about practical theories and which theory best fits certain situations. Understanding the purpose of these theories has made it easier to remember and therefore apply to future teaching experiences. The course has introduced me to the basics of grammar and reinforced knowledge already known. These units provided good insight to technical terms, proper usage and how explanations for how to teach these concepts. In the future I will use all of these skills learned to improve and create my lesson plans, perfect my teaching style, and refer to should specific situations covered arise. This course has given me a solid background in the basics of ESL instruction that will help me access and react to situations in and out of the classroom.