Teach English in MangzhAng Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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This has been a really great course for me in regards to brushing up on my english and learning about people?s behaviors as well. I didn?t realize how much the course would be dealing with classroom dynamics, but I?m glad it was there. The course has helped to improve my own personal knowledge of english which is a great asset to me. I?ve also had a taste of so many different games and activities that are out there and can be utilized in a classroom setting. I?ve learned how each stage in a lesson can be made to be interesting for the students and fun for the teacher as well. I?m impressed with the number of resources made available to a new teacher such as myself and I don?t feel like I?ll be left floundering for help if I ever need it. Once I complete this course I will be continuing with the business english course and with that under my belt I hope to tutor individuals looking to improve their english. Recently, however, I?ve been after-school tutoring my neighbor?s children next door who are ten and twelve. They?re Tanzanian and I think they are responding quite well to my newly learned teaching methods. We always have fun and their parents have remarked on the improvement of their english. In the future I may find myself in a classroom here in Tanzania but for now I?m enjoying teaching individuals.