Teach English in Shifodian Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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Firstly, I found each of the grammar units to be extremely helpful, particularly the units that dealt with modals, passive voice, conditionals, reported speech, and other aspects of english grammar that may not be so widely known. I also enjoyed the refresher courses on parts of speech and the various tenses, as I had not had any formal grammar training since I left school. I felt the course did an excellent job of preparing me for the many varied challenges that come from teaching english around the world. The suggestions for discipline, teaching special groups, and troubleshooting were all very relevant to the daily difficulties that TEFL teachers face. The practical side of teaching ? materials and course books and supplementary aids ? was also very well covered. Many suggestions within the units covered aspects I would not have considered on my own. In particular, I found the structured lesson plans to be very helpful, and I appreciated needing to create so many diverse and creative model lesson plans throughout the course. Writing a lesson plan is considerably less intimidating now than it was at the start of Unit 3, and I am confident of my ability in this area when it comes time to write lesson plans for my own group of students. Going forward, I intend to keep each of these 20 units close at hand! They have each been valuable in different ways. In my current position of co-teaching in a Georgian public school, I have already approached my co-teacher with various ideas gleaned from this course, and will continue to do so. As I move into the next stage of my TEFL career, I will adapt what I have learned to each specific situation as it develops. Having taught children for a year, I believe I would like to branch out, and pursue teaching business english to adults, so Unit 19 will be especially valuable to me in this case.