Teach English in Suhe Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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Teaching english to a group of non-english speakers can be challenging but rewarding for the students and teacher. I have learned a few things about the english language I didn?t know before. My understanding of teaching english as a foreign tongue has expanded. I also have taken several ideas that I hope to implement in the future when I teach students english. Before taking this course, I was unfamiliar with the idea of reported speech. Speaking english my whole life and, changing my speech pattern from direct to report, went unnoticed. As I studied the unit, I developed a greater knowledge of the adaptations of speech. I also had had some previous knowledge of conditional phrases. I enjoyed learning about zero, first, second, third and mixed. It was interesting to understand the different usages and the structure involved. I now know in my own speech what type of conditional I am using, and that gives me confidence in my ability to teach english to others. Before this class, I had never used the phonemic alphabet, even in my college grammar class. To use it was foreign and slightly difficult to grasp. When I did ?break the code? I felt accomplished. This assignment helped me understand how complex sounds in the english language can be, for someone who is not a native speaker, the sounds can be confusing. The greatest insight I gained from this particular unit was how my future students might feel. They are learning something brand new, and when presented with the challenge to understand the task it can be frustrating. As they press forward with a determination to learn and complete assignments, they will figure out the language. I also realized that, for a young learner, keeping them motivated will be a challenge. With each unit my ability to generate strong english phrases and their uses increased and I have become more confident in my own speech patterns. I was also challenged to think like a teacher and create lesson plans that were realistic. I hope to be teaching english in china and some units required me to think about what resources would be available to me. Cultural differences were an additional deterrent I had not previous considered. I have always believed that playing games is the best way to take knowledge you have gained and put it into a realistic context. Games also help you to relax and become more open to absorbing new information. Playing games with peers that are at the same learning level also encourages students to challenge themselves. When a student produces the correct answer in a group setting they gain confidence and motivation to learn. In my classes, I hope to move at a steady pace. I want to challenge my students but I don?t want them to become overwhelmed. I will adjust my lessons based on the need of my students. I will administer tests and other tools to help me gauge the students? development frequently. Teaching a class of adult beginners will be much different than teaching a class of young beginners, even if the material in the lesson is the same. All students need to be respected and treated like individuals. Before each class I will need to prepare for a variety of issues that could arise. I need to have enough work and activities to last the entire class period and will need to over prepare for some lessons.