Teach English in WAnggang Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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The tesol course offered me many things that I would love to treasure. One of these is the quest for knowledge. As an educator I must not only set learning objectives for my students, but also for myself. By setting realistic goals I can keep myself fresh and energized year after year. I need to seek personal and professional growth so that I will not become stagnant. I must keep improving so that my students also keep learning from me. The teacher?s role plays a vital part in the learning process. The teacher needs to look at each student as an individual with different learning needs and pace. The students' progress should dictate the pace of learning. Teachers must not rush things. Contrary to the traditional method of teaching, wherein the students sit down and listen to the lecture of the teacher, the course introduced the ESA method; students are given the opportunity to talk. I was amazed with the approach. The important part of this method is to let the students take part in fun-filled interactive activities. These activities help them practice english creatively. I plan to use this approach when I get hired in school.