Teach English in WAngqiao Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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I have personally gained a lot from this course, in terms of the structure of the english language. Being a native speaker myself, I have learnt the necessary skills to communicate in english, but have previously lacked any real understanding of why english is structured the way that it is. Having to learn the rules has been slightly frustrating at times, especially as there are so many contradictions to the rule, and often the way I speak does not correspond either. It has been an interesting course though and having completed the worksheets I now feel much more confident to teach others. I believe most of what I have learnt will make more sense as I actually begin to teach. This is not only a learning curve for students, but there is much to be achieved by the teacher as well, and how my skills progress from here will depend greatly on the relationships I build with my students and the achievements which we celebrate together. I plan to put these new skills into action very soon, as I am scheduled to fly to East Timor on the 31st January for two months voluntary work teaching english. I will be working with the Red Cross and helping to design a basic introductory curriculum, and taking several lessons throughout the country. This will not be my first time volunteering, or teaching, but it will be my first time teaching english, and I am grateful for the knowledge and confidence this course has inspired in me. I will certainly make use of the lesson plans, games, and activities. The units on tenses and grammar etc will be of great help in my own personal study of english, as well as offering ideas and guidelines for my students. I spend much time abroad for various reasons; work with many multicultural groups, and study cultural Anthropology. I have helped run courses in social etiquette and think that I can put the knowledge gained from this tefl course to very good use in the future. Many thanks to Tania my tutor, and everyone involved with this course.