Teach English in Zushimiao Zhen - Xinyang Shi

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I have gained a number of things from this course: The first has been a revision of many challenging grammatical concepts that I learned in school. They are so easy to forget, and since I am teaching most of them, it is nice to be able to remember the technical reasons for speaking the way we do. This will be very handy in class, when some more challenging questions are asked! The second was learning about the different stages of lesson planning (ESA). This will be very useful in my future lesson planning, and will help me plan more effective and stimulating lessons. I also have a more coherent idea of what kind of ability levels exist with students ? this has always been a very difficult thing for me to define, and I look forward to being able to assess students effectively so that I can address their needs. I think the most useful thing that I have gotten from this course, however, is that I have been able to evaluate myself as a teacher. I started teaching ESL a few years ago, and really had no idea where to start or what was required of me. I now have a more defined idea about what my duties and goals are as a teacher.