Teach English in Ouli Zhen - Xinyu Shi

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Unit 10 showed two very different videos of the same teacher, with the same group of students, and the same learning material. The only difference was the attitude portrayed by the teacher. In the first video, the teacher made no attempt to really connect with the students and became agitated quickly. He was unclear with his explanations so the class was very confused but also too intimidated to ask for clarification. When students got the answers wrong they were reprimanded, which made them disassociate from the class and stop participating. In the second video, the teacher was very excited to be there and would be encouraging of the students. He started by learning and repeating the names of the students and then used their names throughout the lesson. Instead of telling students that they were incorrect about things, he would demonstrate what the correct answer would be in a friendly and encouraging manner. The students were much more responsive in the second lesson.