Teach English in Xianlai - Xinyu Shi

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Such a difference between the two classes. Starting this course I probably would not have noticed many things wrong in the first video to be honest, but I was very pleased to discover just how shocked I was whilst watching it now. Obviously the second video showing a straight arrow ESA lesson was so much more interesting and understandable for the students. Not only was their level of understanding so much better, but also their level of participation, which is simply a direct result of the clearer understanding of what they were being taught. The second lesson was well planned, well explained and therefore very interesting and even fun for the students (and also for the teacher ! ). The teachers smiling, clear and happy approach to the second lesson made a big difference for all the students concerning their self confidence and their willingness to participate in the activities. Which globally means that the process of learning the different aspects of a new language is faster and more anchored in a student, when the lesson is prepared, clearly explained with a good method and taught in a friendly tone and in a non stressful atmosphere.