Teach English in Zhushan Zhen - Xinyu Shi

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This lesson highlighted the difference between a good and poor lesson. The first lesson was poor for a variety of reasons. To begin, the teahher did not introduce himself nor did he attempt to learn the names of the students in his lesson. Perhaps the largest negative in the first lesson was the teachers overall disposition. He was intimidating and quite rude in some of his comments to the students. He also didn't take the time to ensure that the students understood the activities he had planned for the day. This was partially due to his incomplete usage of classroom materials i.e. use of the whiteboard in the first and second lesson was dramatically different. The teacher also came across as unprepared for the classes lesson that day. He also chose clear favorite teams in the final activate stage activity. The second lesson was much better. Much of this is attributed to the teachers overall demeanor, which was light and pleasant. This elicited much more participation from the students. The second lesson was good also because the teacher used more classroom materials such as the whiteboard and the plate. Overall the second lesson was much better planned and executed.