Teach English in Dongchengqu Guanweihui - Xuchang Shi

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First of all, I would say that I have gained more self-confidence when it comes to teaching. This course is filled with knowledge based on years of experience and I feel more ready and excited to meet my first class. I am aware that knowing how to do something is quite different from practicing it, but acquiring knowledge is an essential start of any profession. I have gained more insight not only on how to be a teacher, but also how it is to be a student. I have learned the importance of managing the classes and how to do so. Although I fully understand and agree upon the importance of making the classes interesting, I have realized that the students need a teacher with humor, stressing the word teacher since the lesson is not only about having fun, but about learning in an enjoyable way. I believe that a good teacher makes students interested in the subject and not just in the teacher, they should also be interested in what he teachers not only how he teaches. I will most certainly review these units in the future, making sure that I bring with me many of the gems found therein to my future classes.