Teach English in Fanpo Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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What I feel I have gained from this course is not only useful skills covering different course objectives, but what I feel is the greatest gain is the ESA methodology. I am currently a student of chinese and can see how the ESA technique could greatly enhance the desire and active nature of learning a language. In my chinese class the majority of class time would fall in the Study category. While there is a chance that it will be retained, it is more the requirement of the student to find their own way to retain the information. I can definitely see how the Engage stage would be useful to draw interest in the students. All the more so do I see the use of the Activate stage. In the Activate stage the students would be involved in creating the language out of what they've learned, rather than just filling out questions based on the lesson's text. This, in my opinion, greatly increases the fluency of the students.