Teach English in JiushAn Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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Through this course, I have learned more about diagramming sentences, reported speech, and verb tenses. These were all areas that I struggle with, and it was great to get feedback on how to understand these grammatical exercises. These practical skills will help me when teaching upper level students. I have also learned some useful games to use with students from different language levels. I plan to utilize several of the games this semester with my first, second, and third grade classes. This course required me to create several lesson plans that I can use directly in my classroom. I was forced to create several lessons that quickly became useful---the food lesson plan and the superhero lesson plan are just two examples. I had to think about how long each activity would take, and find a balance between the different stages (engage, study, and activate). I would often spend too much time on the study phase before taking this course; now my classes have more balance. I had to develop games and activate activities for this course. This stretched me creatively. I enjoyed this aspect of the course, and have been able to use several of the ideas that I came up with in my upper level classes.