Teach English in Laocheng Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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This course had been very rewarding for me in two ways. First of all, this course has given me a much needed review in grammar and language mechanics. As native speakers, we never really treat english the same way a foreign student would approach it. We speak and write because it feels natural and right to us. Most native speakers don?t consciously identify the words they use as verbs, gerunds, or participles. However, this sort approach to language can cause the speaker/writer to produce grammar errors without realizing it. It may even form incorrect writing/speaking habits that the individual may fail to realize. Another benefit this course has provided me is how it plans a lesson. Before learning this course, I had always thought that a teacher will only need to follow along a course book when he/she teaches the lesson. This course has made it clear that the goal of the teacher is to assist the students learn using the best possible approach. Sometimes, the best approach isn?t from a course book. The worksheet exercises throughout the course have helped me hammer in the habit of planning a lesson. Often times, I would form a plan in my head before I start designing the lesson plan. However, I would find that the design in my head would often become illogical once it has been written out on paper. These experiences have proven to me the importance of planning before engaging in any actual teaching. I now plan on using what I?ve learned to tackle the challenges I will soon face. I have already been offered a position teaching at a private school in Dalian, and I hope that my newly gained knowledge will help me get past any obstacles that I may face. It sure seems daunting, but I feel less intimidated by the whole experience than I did before taking this course. Hopefully, what I?ve learned in this course will make the upcoming journey a lot less rocky than I had anticipated.