Teach English in Lingjing Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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Since the course was largely based on the practical side of teaching different topics of the english language I feel it has personally helped me develop a sense of mastery of teaching the english language. This mastery and the skills which accompany it will be cascaded through my teaching by the examples that were given and the explanations that were offered. Since I am an english teacher, teaching english for the first time, I have found that the examples and explanations are of key relevance. And since the start of the course I have on many occasions used it in my current classes. The topics that were covered were also pertinent to the syllabus which I am teaching and thus I found it to be of relevance. The course has thus had a direct effect on the classes I teach and have as a result yielded great success amongst the learning process. I also enjoy the direction of the course in that it makes learning as learner-centered and as interactive, through the use of fun games, as possible. The wide variety of activities and resources I have been exposed to have helped, and I am sure will help, in the creation of classroom activities and topic content. This has led to my classes being fun and interactive while never distracting away from the productiveness element. My learners have thus thoroughly enjoyed the unique way they are being taught (This I know because of their verbal feedback) which has all been thanks to the ideas I have received from this course. The practical designing of lesson plans has also been great exposure to what is expected of teachers, and in designing them I have received great experience. Also, the lesson plans have awarded me with more confidence while given the lesson a direct line on which to travel. The understanding of the classroom dynamics from seating arrangements to teacher behavior to discipline have also illuminated the various systems which are at play in a class. As a result I have been able to become more in tune with my classes to focus more keenly on creating a conducive learning environment for all.