Teach English in MafAng Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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This course has certainly helped expand my knowledge in teaching english as a foreign or second language. It has accomplished its aims to ?provide a solid introduction to the world of TEFL.? I would say that the units have been carefully developed covering different aspects in teaching english effectively. The grammar points that were presented and the exercises that came with them were very helpful in providing a better and deeper understanding of the english language and how to effectively teach it to a person who wants to learn the language. I have to admit that grammar often times overwhelms me (like Math) but the lessons have been explained clearly and the way they have been organized was balanced. The topics in the units were very helpful in doing the worksheets. Also, making the lesson plans with the implementation of the ESA methods and the different styles i.e. straight arrow, patchwork, boomerang, etc? allowed me to have lots of practice (with challenges) and stimulated my mind to create some activities I have not thought of before. I am also grateful for my tutor, Peter who was prompt in providing needed guidance, correcting my work, giving suggestions, as well as furnishing me with new units as I progressed. I plan to apply what I have learned when an opportunity to teach a class comes my way. I would like to start by volunteering in an institution like an elementary school where I know ESL or EFL is being taught. It would be a good exposure for me and I get to practice the different aspects of ESL or EFL teaching. For now, I am compiling the materials for my resource library and continue to take TESL or TEFL classes and seminars when there is an opportunity to enhance my knowledge and ability in teaching english effectively.