Teach English in Nanxi Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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Summary of what I learnt: 1). I have clarified, re- focused, reorganized more in-depth on different grammar points or basic language system. 2).I have developed an understand on theory of teaching, principles and method of classroom management, motivation and discipline. 3). How to write a lesson plan with standard plan format. 4). How to teach particular language points through different types of engage, study and activate activities. 5). Ways to handle special group and classroom management, principles to motivate candidates and how to encourage use of english by students in class. How would I apply? 1). To review on things learnt and write down important things for reminder to avoid big mistakes. e.g. principles and some Dos and Don'ts to observe of particular personal importance, in teaching and as a teacher. 2). To understand the big principles involved and take note on the Dos and Don'ts. Practise the principles and rules. I think this is very important. 3). On making a real-life lesson plan of teaching a particular topic and class, I will review and apply what I have learnt: to avoid big (common) problems and observe basic principles. 2). With the information obtained in the study material as a guidelines or structure, I will do some personal research on particular problems of language teaching and grammar points. 3). Being observant and appreciative to authentic materials and be creative on how to adapt different authentic materials into classroom learning. 4). Learning on the spot, review and reflect on lesson, the pros and cons, especially when faced with problems. Taking notes on points to note in each lesson, like a record or diary. This is to act as a personal reflection on lessons. 5). I will proactively use different reference books for each grammar points, to engage in personal learning and discovery while teaching. 6). Write down new things I've learnt from teaching experience Vs what I believed. Compare and learn. 7). Teach according to the age, background, levels/ needs and actual situation of the environment in classroom. 8). Plan in advance to choose and engage in the use of appropriate technology, to suit different classroom needs. e.g. Multimedia learning, e.g. Music, videos, visuals, the use of computer and projector, etc. 9). Practice makes perfect. Practice with knowledge and experience.