Teach English in Shangji Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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Personally I gained quite a lot from this course. We think we know how to speak the language, which might be true, but we usually don't know why we use certain words at certain times(the rules), even less how to explain it to a non-native speaker. I definitely learned how to be a good teacher, by getting them involved, making the class interesting to keep them motivated and learning how to deal with their difficulties. It's not easy to always keep everyone happy, but as a teacher we should try our best, and never have favorites. That makes the difficult kids even more difficult, because in the end attention and recognition is all they want. I learned how much you can accomplish by just motivating and encouraging students throughout the class. Organising is very important. If your things are organised and your lessons are planned, you should not have trouble in class. And thanks to this course, I now know how to make a thorough lesson plan, covering everything. I learned how o and how important it is to build rapport with your class. Without that, you will never gain your students' trust and full participation in class. As from now, I would put a little more time into my lesson plans and preperation before class, so that I will be prepared for all possible situations which may occur. I would make sure I know my students and their needs.