Teach English in ShAntoudian Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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First off, this course has provided me with a much needed reminder of some of the details of english grammar. Although in college I studied a reading and writing intensive major, it has been a long time since I?ve had former grammar lessons. Studying grammar has made it possible for me to create more professional lesson plans. Likewise, as I continue to master the technicalities of english grammar it will continue to make me a more credible resource for my students. Secondly, having already tasted the EFL teacher?s experience prior to completing this course, it has answered a lot of questions that I?ve needed to ask someone in the past. In other words, this course has given me a much needed boost of confidence in my own teaching potential and abilities. I now know how to confidently approach different EFL teaching scenarios, and have a more thorough understanding of what challenges to expect from each. Although I had a strong idea of how to adapt to teaching prior to taking this course, this course has provided me with a lingo that more clearly expresses and expands upon my own ideas. Finally, this course has supplied me with much needed resources for teaching, and a sense of security from knowing about the community of EFL teachers I have entered. My first experience of teaching was a little rough, because I worked among people who did not care about the quality of their teaching, and for an agency that provided no support. I now have higher hopes for a better second experience in the TEFL world.