Teach English in Wangtian Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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From this course, I have learned that although one is able to speak english very well, it is altogether different when he or she plans to teach it to students who are non-english speakers. I have been learning english since I was in preschool since the medium of instruction of the schools I went to was english. I have been reading mostly english books ever since I learned to read. Knowing how to speak it does not mean one can easily teach it. What I consider a challenge during this course were the technical components of the language. Although I learned most of them in school, I had totally forgotten them. This course is what I expected it to be. It has helped me recall my english lessons. It has also taught me how to make a good lesson plan for the ESL students because we do it differently for the non ESL children. I learned the differences between teaching language to adults and to children in the same level. I rediscovered the importance of building rapport with the students and establishing the rules at the start of the course. I?ve also learned the importance of maximizing the use of available resources in teaching which also means I need to learn how to make them work (I consider myself a low-tech person). Some of the things I learned are principles and practices that I can use in whatever set-up I am in. I can use them when I teach TEFL, I can also use them when I teach preschoolers and kindergarteners. After the tefl courses, I plan to apply either as a TEFL or a preschool/kindergarten teacher in one of the Asian countries. When I land the job that I?m aiming for, I will make sure I use everything I learned from the courses. I?ll probably keep my notes close at hand while I?m getting used to the practice and whenever I make my lesson plans.