Teach English in ZhAngde Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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I recently had an unexpected opportunity to teach Grade 7?s in Korean public school. I have never taught before but decided to give it a try. The grade 7 english being at elementary level, I had no problem with teaching material but teaching method was another story. It was definitely very difficult to keep them stay with the lesson, especially in the beginning. Still, I found teaching these children quite interesting and started to think that there is contribution that I can make. I decided to take the tefl course. This course to me was the standard I can use to gauge my english. english being the second language and having been out of learning environment over 25 years, I had serious doubts as to whether I can teach or I should teach even. I found some of the material in this TEFL course difficult and also found my weaknesses through the course. It was a good refresher and gave me a direction as to what I needed to do should I wish to continue teaching. The explanation on grammar usage was extremely helpful and gave me ideas on how to teach the same to the students. Until now, I was speaking english without having the knowledge of underlying logic. The application of different tenses, modals, reported speeches, etc. happened naturally because I was living in a country where english is the native language and spoken all the time. However, I was not able to explain the usage. Now I can or at least make an educated effort. Another important part of the course for me was learning of ESA teaching methodology. It gave me ideas as to how I should approach my teaching so that the learning of the students is the most effective and results driven. The lesson plan is another invaluable tool I take away from this course. I need to gain a lot more experience in writing lesson plans, but eventually they will be one of the most useful tools I can use in becoming a good ESL teacher.