Teach English in ZhAngpAn Zhen - Xuchang Shi

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I have gained a wide range of new information from this course that makes me confident to teach multilingual students of different levels using different teaching methods and techniques. I?ve learned about different learners and different teacher?s roles in order to manage the classroom successfully and build good relationship with the students. Planning lessons have been the most challenging aspect of this course because of the essential importance of it in every class. It is now very exciting and rewarding for me to know that I can plan my lessons successfully for my future students in order to meet all their language needs and match with their interests. Lesson planning has helped me understand how to teach receptive and productive skills to students in the right way. Grammar and phonetics/phonology were easier to cover in this course because of prior experience with different tenses, parts of speech, modals, phrasal verbs, active/passive voice, and linguistics phonemic symbols and articulation. Learning about intonation and stress has been the hardest part of phonology for me because of its great importance in conveying the right meaning in communication. Without the correct usage of intonation and stress, the person won?t be able to convey his message to the other person during a conversation, which in turn limits mutual interaction and understanding. It is important for the teacher to teach intonation and stress correctly and accurately to the students in order for them to feel confident in talking and expressing themselves. Conditionals and reported speech section has been a new but a light hearted grammar part for me with all the easy to comprehend and follow exercises in the related unit. The course has challenged me fully to become a better person in organization, studying, persistence, concentration, language understanding, and ambition to be a successful and respected teacher. I?ve developed a sense of direction for a better future career into becoming an ESL teacher and happiness that gaining the TESOL knowledge and certificate can open the doors for me to visit new countries, interact with new cultures, and work in a respected and needed field. I?ve always wanted to be an english language teacher, and that is why I went for a Linguistics degree that helped me gain the basic needed knowledge of grammar, phonetics, and phonology. I?ve worked with english as the main language in addition to multiple different languages of the world that are from different language families and have different writing systems, scripts, and grammatical structures. After linguistics, I?ve studied towards the TESOL certificate in order to be a certified teacher in a classroom and be able to travel to different countries and be open to new cultures and languages. english is my passion, and I love learning different languages as well. That is why I?m thankful for the TESOL certificate that gives me the chance to teach english to students of other languages and interact with them in order to learn about their languages also. I hope to apply for an english teaching job in Malaysia as the start of my teaching career because I know that english teachers are needed there, and Malaysia is a tropical country that I would like to visit and stay in for some time. I?m also interested in learning about the Southeast Asian cultures and languages that consist of Malay, Tamil, and Malayalam that I can find in Malaysia. If I get an opportunity to visit other countries after Malaysia, I would love to go to india and UAE where I have friends and english teaching is a big demand. I look forward to start my next class of ?Teaching english for young learners? and at the same time start applying for english teaching jobs in Malaysia as soon as I finish the main course of TESOL that I?m currently taking.