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Some people think grammar is very boring but it is very important for learners. Grammar is the tool and it holds the sentences in the English language together. Grammar gives meaning and relevance to the sentence. Without it, the language appears meaningless and provides confusing message. Improper usage of grammar will not allow you to communicate correctly and effectively as the reader may not understand the same what you meant in the sentence. Grammar helps in building the structure of the sentence and to format the language. Reading about the intricacies of grammar will help us a lot in writing or speaking English. The effort and time that we spend for learning grammar is really worth in doing it. The rules of grammar are essential for us to communicate effectively. Firstly, Grammar teaches us how to build sentences, about the types of words that we use and when we should use them. Grammar also tells us what type of word we are using in any particular sentence. There are a lot of different aspects to English grammar, and each is as significant as the last. It is English grammar that will allow you to be a better communicator, listener, thinker, reader and writer. Having a knowledgeable understanding of grammar will let you have a potentially rewarding career in many fields of work. To put it simply, grammar is a way in which we organize words, clauses and phrases into meaningful conversation and communication. The organization of grammar all depends on the logic. And, understanding grammar will mean you can think more logically. Grammar without logic and organization means you cannot clearly put across your message. The more grammar rules you understand, the clearer your communication is. This makes it easier for you to be heard and to tell your story. Having an advanced knowledge of grammar is something everyone should have. Secondly, our grammar style is how we communicate with others. Your particular style when using grammar shows a lot about you. An advanced knowledge of grammar means you can create interesting pieces for people to read. It also means you can be totally different as everyone’s style is different. People will pay more attention to what you have to say if you can communicate well with others. The best way to learn about the practical use of grammar is to see it in practice. Moreover, you may have amazing ideas, but if you have little to no knowledge of English grammar, how are you going to communicate them? The simple answer is that you aren’t going to. Finally, you will be able to fully appreciate how to get a message across if you can understand English grammar. Some people who are learning English as a second language make one simple, but massive mistake; they forget to learn English grammar. Even basic grammar is better than none, and the advance learning can always come later. Don’t limit the way in which you can communicate with others by not learning all about English grammar. Once you have mastered English grammar, you will be able to communicate with everyone and anyone. You will be able to understand the complex and the simple. So, grammar is vitally important.