Teach English in BAlu Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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Learning a foreign language requires a commitment to the educational process. A teacher’s role plays a pivotal role in keeping students motivated to learn. They’re many qualities of a good teacher that motivate students. Teachers that are enthusiastic and display an overall interest in the English language will inspire students and keep them engaged in the curriculum. Teachers may display this by changing pitch and volume while speaking as well as walking around the classroom. Establishing good rapport with students is also critical in motivating students. Teachers should make a great effort to remember each student by name. A helpful suggestion is to have students write what they want to be called in the classroom on large name cards during the first day of the course. They then can display the name cards on the desk so teachers and students alike can get to know each other by name, which adds to a warm learning environment. Furthermore, teachers should maintain eye contact and use nonverbal cues such as nodding to show that they’re listening to students. Getting to know what interest’s students individually at the beginning of the course and then creating a lesson plan that incorporates those interests should excite the students and fuel their motivation to continue learning. Teachers should also be sensitive to student’s feelings, being kind-hearted towards students promotes a positive learning experience and invokes a personal belief within students that they will succeed. A teacher who is conscious to involve all students and be consistent with the treatment of each individual will make students feel as an equal and respected. Furthermore, a teacher should avoid overcorrecting so students do not become insecure in their progress. Each of the mentioned actions or suggestions for how a teacher should treat students demonstrate to students that the teacher has a general interest and respect for them. Anyone who has spent time with young children is aware that they continuously need new stimuli to keep them engaged. Therefore, teachers should prepare many activities and games for each lesson. Children often enjoy competition, dividing the classroom into teams and keeping score of an activity is a good way to keep them motivated as well as encourage collaboration within the classroom. Teacher praise and recognition is a major motivational factor for young learners, therefore teachers must be energetic and enthusiastic towards all students’ progress. Another way teachers can inspire children to learn is to reward good behavior or completion of work to students. One example of doing so is displaying a list of the student roster somewhere in the classroom. When a student has been on good behavior or completed work, the teacher can allow them to select a sticker of their choice which they then can add next to their name on the student roster. A teacher could even allow the students to select a toy or treat from a “goodie bag” once they have acquired an established number of stickers. Finally, the classroom environment itself plays a big role in young learner’s motivation. Classrooms that are adorned with student work and colorful posters, cartoons or other media can elicit a positive and fun learning environment for children. Adult learners are unique because they’re often highly self-motivated. Future employment opportunities, travel purposes, a desire to communicate with colleagues, or simply a curiosity for the English language are possible motivational factors of the adult learner. However, this doesn’t infer a teacher is off the hook from motivating adult students. A needs analysis questionnaire at the beginning of the course is important so teachers can create a lesson plan that gives attention to as many individuals needs and interests as possible. A needs analysis report is especially important for teaching students for business purposes. Teachers should also explain their methods to students so they can understand why they’re being taught such a curriculum. As with children, a bright, warm and colorful classroom may also motivate adult students. Humans are highly sensitive beings, especially those that are put into a vulnerable position such as that of a student. How a teacher behaves and the relationship they establish with individuals students as well as the entirety of the class will greatly influence the motivation of their students. A teacher should try their best to create a learning environment that is warm, relaxed and inviting.