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English as a global language A global language, is a language that people use to communicate internationally, in terms of business and education among others. On this basis, English is considered a global language since it is widely spoken by millions of people across the globe. In the 21st century, English is spoken across wider geographical area especially in most economically and technologically advanced nations like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand etc. Also, most developing nations especially in Africa have English as their official Language. English is officially or unofficially the second language of communication in many other countries. In today’s world, many factors indicate the importance of English as a global language. For instance, English has become the international language of transaction and communication between nations, organizations and companies. The United Nations has adopted English as one of its main official languages. In terms of business and trade, most companies use English in their advertisement and transactions in order to attract a wider global clientele. In countries where English isn’t the official language, knowing English gives job seekers a competitive advantage since they can interact with diverse clients and partners across the world. In education, English language proficiency is demanded in many reputable universities around the world today and student must take English language tests in other to further their education. In most countries, English is used as language of instruction and direction in many public places such as train stations, bus stations and airports. Also, English language has gained popularity in entertainment as many people enjoy listening to music and watching movies in English. The popularity of English can be attributed to the fact that, it is used in a global technological feature like the World Wide Web (internet) as well as other computer applications, software and games. Moreover, majority of the influential telecommunication, technology and social media companies are found in English speaking countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Most of the other large companies in Europe, Asia, and Africa also use English as part of their advertisements and transactions in order to attract a wider global customers. Regardless of the popularity of English, it is still difficult for many foreign learners since there are some factors that makes it difficult to learn. For example, some words could have different meaning in different contests and there could be words written in one way and then read in another way. Also the existence of American and British English makes it difficult for some foreign speakers to speak fluently in different geographical settings. Furthermore, learning the original accent and diction of English language is a problem for many non-native speakers since they are used to their native languages. To sum up, English language has become a major international language due to its role in the global and individual standards of communication. It has grown to be the ultimate language for social media, business and technology in addition of it being the easy way of communication between various nations. Regardless of its predominant nature, some learners still have challenges due to some factors previously discussed.