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Circle time, also called group time, refers to any time that a group of people is sitting together for an activity involving everyone based on Wikipedia. It is an activity common in primary schools, wherein the children will sit together in a circle with the teacher and interact with one another, play games or read a story. Students have the chance to speak up and share their thoughts. Students are also allowed to give comments and suggestions and ask questions. Circle time can be a part of the everyday routine and also be a part of an activity plan with a specific topic. Circle time is a way in which the students can engage with one another that helps their communication and listening skills improve much faster. Students can understand the subject and know the topic of the class because of the comfortable environment. Circle time also encourages unity and respect for one another. Students can conduct themselves correctly while participating in activities and allows them to work together towards a shared goal. Lastly, the teacher establishes the rules for circle time or else the goal is not attained in the time allotted. Since circle time is done in a younger class, making it fun and exciting for the children can help them gain a better relationship with one another. The following is an example of activities for circle time. Greeting friends along with singing a Hello song is a great way to start a circle time. Then the teacher will let them stand and dance around with few action songs. For example, a morning exercise or warm-up activities if circle time is in the afternoon. Children can also play and dance along to educational songs like Hot Potato by The Wiggles, Over the deep blue sea, Find something blue, or any songs about colors. A short game of freeze dance is also one of the activities. After the warm-up, the kids can grab a chair or sit on the floor in one big circle. Once settled, an exercise describing the day is a good start. Topics about days of the week or the seasons are for the advanced students. To help develop confidence to the kids, the teacher may use cards or a board chart where the students can pin the information. In other exercises, the students can write them on the board. The teacher gauges the knowledge of some students through this exercise. Then the teacher can introduce a topic by reading a story. A sample of a topic is about jobs where the teacher can read a book about careers for kids or jobs people do. Then the teacher will ask the class what jobs do they what to have when they grow up. It will also be a good discussion of what their parents do to stimulate awareness in their surroundings starting with their family. Afterward, the teacher could teach vocabulary words by using a flashcard about different jobs or careers. Then, a game will follow if there is time. If it is the first time, we will learn about the words, and the teacher may stop until flashcards. However, if the kids are already familiar with the words, the teacher can introduce a game. The teacher will place the card in different places in the classroom where kids can find easily and then call out two kids and say the card he or she would like to have. Whoever reaches the card first and give it to the teacher wins. One of the final exercise is charades. A student may do the job and anyone can guess it. Another activity that they can do is show and tell during circle time. The students may bring something that they would like to talk about like toys, favorite books, home journals, pictures of their trip, and the like. The student who will do a show and tell will sit beside the teacher. The teacher will ask questions first to set an example for the other kids. Then the teacher can ask the crowd if they have a personal question about the show and tell. Show and tell is an entertaining way of interaction activity and develops communication skills, interpersonal skills, and confidence to the students. Challenges in conducting circle time, such as establishing organization, are always present. However, if done on a routine basis, then the students will cope up. The goal of circle time is to make the kids feel happy while in class, to learn new skills that they may able to use when they grow or move to the next level of school and to find self-worth. The activities may vary depending on the topic and the flow of exercises you wish to have during the day. It is essential as well to keep the routine for the activities the same sometime, but if the students find it not being fun, then a change is advisable. Instigating positive energy from the children, being able to adjust to the students' emotions and behavior is one of the keys to make circle time successful in the class.