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Have you ever played a game in your life? It is believed that the answer is yes most of the time. How do you feel about it? Do you like it? If so the answer is yes again, then the next question is why? There are too many questions to respond, aren’t there? However, we have not defined crystal clear of what games mean yet. Games mean video games or they indicate the activities that we have physically involved. In this small scale of the essay, it is suggested that both of the aboves. And after all, they are fun and enjoyable. Their original sole purpose is to entertain us. So why does it turn out to be negative as Craton (2011) mentioned? The research shows some of the cynical views such as psychological effects, poor academic performance and addictions. These are just some noticeable examples reflected of what many conservative beliefs over the subject. On the other hand, Arsalan (2018) stated opposite arguments of what are called positive. The list includes prosocial effects, developing cognitive skills and problem solving. Recent perceptions tend to look at games from different dimensions. It gives more room of thought why and how these can affect our lives significantly. Professor Bavelier (2012) declared in a TED talk about pseudoscience of screen time makes your sight worse. She also brought up false alarms of attention problems and greater distractibility. One of the key things that should have been paid attention is user error. We are the problem. How it turns good or bad, depends on us. With reasonable dose and careful selection of what games are played. This can be beneficial to everyone, especially language learners. Why is it a case? Because games can generate highly interactive environments which learners always wish for, without the need to be in the country of targeted language. Modern technologies contribute constructively to learning specifically via gaming as a tool. For that reason what exactly modern advancements we are talking about. Artificial intelligence (AI), learning management system (LMS), virtual reality (VR), and internet of things (IoT) are notable indications worth discussion. AI in fact is just a huge archive of information combining with complex algorithms of what if. However, its application cannot be measurable. One of the great games can be used in the classroom is Google AI in task-based learning scheme, with simply any Android devices or google-related gadgets. LMS in addition enables teachers and schools to organize their courses effectively and efficiently. Saving time on syllabus design and examination, instructors will have more time investing into quality of activities and games. One fabulous evidence of the usage of VR is Pokemon Go. Imagine a game in which you can see everything around in English and you can actually interact with them, it is not a bad idea at all. Last but not least, IoT where everything is connected, everything is interchangeably interacted, how far we can create an environment full of targeted language that can be way easier to comprehend or enjoy. Now it is time to find an answer for the question why people seem to choose playing games instead of studying English. Perhaps, it is about having fun and enjoyable. While learning causes a lot of pain, due to focus has always been retained to be able to understand new information. Moreover, the effort of processing new things and retrieving them in time may produce chronic headaches for some. So why do not we infuse the nature of gaming into a learning environment where lessons take place are not only fun and enjoyable but also useful and practical. Essentially, games are entertainment. Studies are growth by which “no pain no gain” is not consistently applied for everyone. Therefore, infusion of joy and development is a crucial catalyst for those who hold the torch and lead to the future.