Teach English in Hegou Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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There are many countries in the World, and the languages that people speak, are even more. I am not talking about hundreds; I am talking about thousands of languages. How can people from different corners of the world understand each other? That is exactly why we do need international languages; they help everybody to communicate with each other despite the nationality. The English language is one of those international languages. The value of the English language in the modern world is hard to overestimate. After all, we cannot ignore the choice of more than one billion people who use it every day. And if for half of them English is a native language, then six hundred million people chose it as a second language. The value of the English language in the modern world is so great that being able to speak, it doesn’t count as a privilege or luxury anymore. Once upon a time, computers or mobile phones could be afforded only by people of certain social status. Now such things are essentials. The same we can say about the English language. It is taught and learned almost everywhere, kindergartens, schools, universities, and different education centers. And in our age – the age of modern technologies, everybody can learn the English language online, which is very convenient for some people. Every well-educated person is simply obliged to speak English because it is the key to further self-education and self-improvement. However, we shouldn’t say that doing it is so easy. Learning any language is a long process that requires certain costs, both mental and financial. In general, the political, economic, scientific, sporting life of the whole world flows in English. The language is also chosen as the official language of the United Nations. All kinds of summits and meetings of the heads of the states, negotiations, and debates-all this is conducted in English. This language is a living communication tool for academics, doctors of sciences, scientists around the World. After all, international conferences, the exchange of information of scientists occurs only by using the English language. The Olympic games and all kinds of competitions between the countries chose English as their official language. What role does the English language play in the student's life and what how it can influence their future career? The choice of a future profession is a problem that excites every person who is on the verge of adulthood. The relevance of that problem of professional self-determination is associated with the ever-changing world of professions and constantly updated requirements for the candidates. No matter what profession you choose to work in, you need to communicate in the English language. This does not only affect the reputation of a person but provides multiple opportunities to work in higher positions than others. The English language has become a necessity for individuals to learn to pursue a better career. It’s significant for a person to be competitive in his field with the help of the English language. There are so many important reasons why every person must learn English. Traveling around the World and communicating freely with people of different nationalities, having a desire to become a student of a foreign university or dreaming about a prestigious job with promotions. We need the English language to fully enjoy American-made movies that so firmly embedded in our lives or listen to a favorite song in English, no matter what job we do and where we live- we need English.