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A good relationship with one another, within a group or a class is through various ways to make it. Good communication, understanding with each other, sense of relatedness and other possible building blocks to make connection and bond results to a rapport. There are so many situations or scenarios where establishing rapport is needed and helpful, but on this essay it is about establishing rapport inside the classroom which is an element in achieving a certain goal, result, or purpose in education. It is not easy but also not hard to do, it is within the person who feels, decides, and understand the beneficial effect on building or establishing it. Rapport inside the classroom has so many impacts making teaching and learning fun, exciting, meaningful, easy, and also memorable. Rapport defined as a relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy, or it is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned, understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well. How to actually establish rapport that is very helpful in achieving the objective and purpose of it? There are so many ways in establishing rapport, why it is beneficial and through what extent it is established. Inserting jokes, a sense of humour or an ice breaker in class is a rapport, it is important to have this as it makes both party in the class break the unwanted nervousness, boredom, and unconscious feelings during the lessons or in any situation that it may or can be applied. During my on the job training in an elementary school having the time to insert jokes(considering the class, the age of students and appropriateness in the context) resulted to a relaxed atmosphere which is done from the beginning and if can be, during and up to the end of the lesson. The feeling of being secured in an environment and a sense of concern in some ways benefits both parts; students feel at ease at the same with teacher and so carry on with lesson or subject matter and other necessary preparation and procedure to be done. Praising students for getting a correct answers, high marks and positive feedback to them is beneficial and has impacts in learning. Encouraging words and making them feel that it is normal to make mistakes shows an empathic sense and actually helps in establishing rapport; if constantly done and applied to everyone, chances of elevating the desire of being praise results to active participation of students. Differences among students is always present; that is why consideration and being able to relate to them is also needed in establishing or building rapport. Gestures is also effective in showing agreement and concern. A simple way of clapping for correct answers or getting high scores will makes a sense of appreciation which turns as a rapport in learning, and some who didn’t but making them feel they are appreciated is a building form of a rapport. Sharing and applying experiences as a relevant example to the lesson or topic being taught, brings a positive outcome and helps them not to worry if they are experiencing something or going through their life which is already a fact in educational field and hinders the development and learning. Another beneficial effect of establishing rapport is knowing and learning the students' interests, perspective, and their goals. Knowing them personally and finding common ground is effective. As a teacher and sole source of the development during their school years, it is necessary to make them feel safe and they can open up themselves as needed, letting them be visible and heard through considerable action, support and answers in return. It is also a very useful way of building up their motivation, with this motivated perspective carry out a good result. Students and teachers should also develop a good relationship and interaction as part of establishing rapport, understanding the needs, perspectives and feelings of both sides, towards the process of teaching and learning. Rapport, not only as element in achieving a certain goal, objectives, and purpose, it is also one of the strategies and or techniques needed in achieving a successful outcome in education. It is also a good way to build trust for students. Example situations, doing activities they think they can’t or any scenarios that makes them troubled or uneasy. Of course it differs with the age or group of class but still it is very applicable for both. Rapport through encouraging words turns also into trust. In addition, making them feel there is no reason to be afraid in failing, that it is normal and always part of the process in accomplishing something. Establishing rapport is also a way of developing maturity over any circumstances and situation that is part of learning and in the future. That is why understanding and incorporating it in teaching and learning is beneficial. Teachers on the other hand, makes a positive perspective in showing their trust to their students and as for themselves, as believing that their students can surpass whatever situation they are facing. Overall establishing rapport provides a sense or realization, sharing personal experiences or advices in the class during discussion or an individual evaluation if there is, helps both teacher and students to think of what they actually like, their personal ways on making things easy for them, not just in learning or understanding the lesson, but also a strategy or technique they can do or use to overcome certain problems, issues, or conditions. Making them feel and realize the situation based on what the teacher had or have been experienced during the times when they are in thesame position or state.Through established rapport, there is a connection, meaningful and positive outcomes; turning a successful learning and development which is the purpose of it and in the process of teaching and learning.