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In many developed and developing countries around the globe, teaching English to children online is becoming a very appealing avenue for those who are looking for an exciting teaching career! It is also a popular choice for parents who want their children to learn English as a second or foreign language. Before beginning a career in teaching English to children online, it would be highly beneficial to obtain a TEFL/TESOL certificate from an accredited organization and then review the information on teaching special groups. It is also very important for an individual to think about what their teaching goals are, and what type of teaching environment suits their personality and lifestyle. When deciding if teaching English to children online is the right option, it is important for the aspiring teacher to consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. One of the major advantages of teaching English to children online is that it provides an opportunity for a successful teaching career without having to relocate to another country. It also allows the teacher to plan sessions around their own personal schedule from the comfort of their own home or from another suitable location. Whether the teaching service is freelance or through a reputable and accredited organization, it is generally easily accessible for learners, as disruptions such as school closures should not affect learning online at home! In this day and age, children tend to be very interested in technology and are not generally intimidated by it. They are quick to learn how to use equipment and how to navigate though online programs and Apps. There is a very wide variety of online teaching resources and games that can be sent via e-mail, instant messaging or can be used during screen sharing. Using online resources is great as it saves time compared to having to photocopy materials from course books! Although there is an abundance of free teaching materials available online for all English levels, the teachers should explore their creative side as well. Creating games, activities, and reward systems that are visually appealing and tailored to suit the level and the interests of the students will help them to stay motivated and interested in learning English. If a teacher is well prepared for their sessions and is able to remain patient, positive, and animated, teaching English online can be extremely fun and rewarding for both the teacher and his or her students! It also allows the teacher to be more flexible in his or her life as he or she does not need to remain stationary in one location. It is also beneficial for the students as they get one on one attention and have an opportunity to form a special bond with their teacher. There are also disadvantages to teaching English to children online and it is important for teachers to consider these potential issues and drawbacks when deciding if teaching online or in person is best for them. Most online language teaching involves working with individual students and not larger classes and therefore, there is a loss of classroom dynamics and some activities become impossible to do. The teacher may also miss out on being more immersed in the culture of their students when working online from home in their native country. Working in different time zones can also make it challenging for teachers to fit online sessions into their daily routine. Even the most experienced and prepared teachers sometimes encounter unexpected problems when teaching English to students online. At times, the internet connection and/or equipment may glitch or fail due to unknown or unpreventable reasons such as a loss of internet due to extreme weather. Although technology support may be available for the teacher, he or she has no control over the equipment being used by the student. Some families may not be as well prepared for events such as loss of power or system failures. The teacher also has little control over the student’s learning environment behind the screen. At times, there may be distractions in the student’s home such as curious siblings and pets who wish to take part in the fun! The teacher can reduce the chance of disruptions by ensuring the parents/guardians do their part to provide and maintain a quiet learning environment for their child. In some cases, the parent or another adult may have to sit with the child to ensure their attention is focused on the lesson. Even with a proper learning environment and focused students, it can be difficult or may take longer to build a strong rapport with students online as opposed to working with them in person. The experience may seem less personal and it can be harder to develop a sense of connection. Not having a strong rapport in the beginning of an English course may reduce the impact of discipline as well. It is more challenging for the teacher and student to read each other’s non verbal cues when interacting online, and if improvisation during a lesson is needed, it can be tougher to manage this successfully when you are not physically in the same room. Today’s technology does allow for skilled and professional individuals to provide effective and efficient language teaching online if he or she decides to do so. Prior to beginning lessons, it is highly important that the teacher ensures that he or she uses a secure platform for online teaching. If one is unsure about what platform to use, it may be best to apply for employment within a reputable and accredited organization. Many organizations have developed their own secure platform for teaching English online and also provide technology support if and when needed. The teacher should also ensure that he or she has high quality and reliable equipment, including a PC or Mac with enough RAM to run software, a hardwired high-speed internet connection, back-up power generator, webcam, headset, and a comfortable, quiet work space with no distractions. It is also imperative that the teacher has knowledge of basic troubleshooting, and is technologically skilled enough to navigate through the internet to find and utilize the many resources that are available for teaching English. In addition, it is important to test the internet connection and equipment prior to each session, and to have a well structured lesson plan, back up plan, and other materials readily available.