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Nowadays, education is one of the hottest topic that being discussed in the society. It is widely believed that education should not only depend on schools and teachers, but also parents and society. Among all the aspects, parental education is particularly important because everyone says that parents are the first directors of their offspring. Between the age of 0 and 6, it is the best period for minors to form their own personalities and habits, moreover, it is the gold time that can decide the future developed direction of a child. Therefore, in order to cultivate a mentally healthy child who has a good habit, parents should make efforts to help them with the following roles. 1.Model As children have natural abilities to imitate others, they will simulate their parents’ behaviors and language firstly. For instance, if parents read books instead of playing with smartphones in their spare time, their children will also enjoy reading and perusing books. Additionally, moral traits can also be conveyed by parenting. For younger generation, they have no idea on what is right and what is wrong, they have a tendency to believe what their parents have done is correct. Since parents’ behavior have a dramatic impact on children while they are growing up, they should make sure that their own habits are worth to learn. 2. Disseminators of knowledge Babies learn language through their parents when they are able to talk, for a multilingual family, children alway can speak both native language of mother and father. Furthermore, minors are curious about the surrounding and phenomena that happened in the daily life, therefore, they have numerous question to ask and their parents should be the person who can help them to solve the problems, hence parents should answer questions with patience so that the children can be attracted to real life and acquire more knowledge. If parents also do not know the answer, they can find the way to solve it with their children, which can bond their relationship more closely. At same time, parents also develop children’s intelligence, exercise the ability of using hands and brain by playing with them. Reading stories for them can also arouse their interest on reading. Last but not least, parents are able to explain the phenomenon by science to their children and help them to build a foundation of learning science subjects in schools. 3. Listener Juveniles tend to express their feeling to their parents, good parents should listen to their speech patiently rather than telling them to cut it out. Listening to them, included some advice, can make them feel that they are a part of the family and they are more willing to share their opinions, thereby, that will make them to become confident and optimistic people. Also, when they have problems that cannot be solved by themselves, they still will tell their parent what happened and ask for their help, which can reduce unnecessary troubles. Besides all the roles that mentioned above, parents also can perform other educational functions when children are growing up. Both mother and father’s eduction play an indispensable part of children. Father can give young generation courage and make them confident, which can help them to integrate society easily when they grow to manhood. While mother can influent them to be a care person. To be summarized, parental eduction is crucial for individuals’ lifelong.