Teach English in NianzhuAng Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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There is a lot that goes into raising a child, and making sure that they are prepared to enter the real world once they are ready. Education is what ultimately transforms a child, giving them the tools that they will need to succeed on their own. Regional education programs, such as public schools have a lot of resources that focus on educating children, but it can easily become a wasted effort if the parents are not contributing to their own childrens’ education. Parents are their kid’s first teachers. A child first starts learning at home with their parents, not in a classroom. Studies have shown that the ability to learn is directly correlated with a relationship to the teacher. However, in most public schools, a grade school student might have a different teacher every year, disrupting that relationship with their teacher. For that reason, parents are lifelong teachers to their children. Children are easily inspired by what their parents do, especially during their learning phase. If the parents don’t get their children excited about learning before grade school and continue it, it will be very hard for their children to maintain healthy learning habits. A big part of this is the home environment; helping the children learn the first things at home to getting them excited is very important. Some ways of doing this at home include: reading together with your child, creating a pleasant atmosphere for them to focus on homework and reading, creating other physical ways of learning, and even sharing your own experiences with your child. Public school may also not exert the necessary effort into building a solid relationship with your child because most of these schools try and meet everyone’s expectations; the child can easily get lost in the shuffle unfortunately. As it was said earlier, most students which out teachers every year, which can cause confusion going year to year. Grade school students will definitely benefit from a wide range of teaching techniques and personalities, but the most important thing is for a child to have a role model. As a parent, you’re much more aware of what your child’s needs are because you see them everyday, helping them with their homework, and pointing out key areas or subjects that may need additional help. Parental involvement can be as easy as spending time together around the dinner table, rather than around a TV. Sharing stories about how everyone’s day was is so important because over time, this builds deep connections with everyone in the family. Not spending time at the dinner table together may result in far-reaching consequences, dividing family members long-term. Another important action is to praise and recognize the child’s education because this is what ultimately motivates them to becoming better students. In a world that is becoming more and more connected, it is still very easy to become disconnected with our own children. By being role models for our children, spending quality time with them, and praising them on their educational efforts, we can make a long-lasting impact on their lives. Education will transform our children, and if we do not involve ourselves in some way, they can be led down a road that could possibility be very unfavorable for them, and us as parents. At the end of the day, parents need to be involved with their children because it benefits them in the long run.