Teach English in Picheng Nongchang - Xuzhou Shi

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In the digital age, more and more students and teachers are turning to online learning as an educational resource to learn English. Online teaching comes with a variety of benefits, including one-on-one teaching, quick access to online material, and more flexible schedules. However, online teaching also creates a few obstacles that make it more difficult for student-teacher interaction. In order to provide the best learning environment for online teaching, teachers should have the appropriate equipment, a distraction-free environment, and methods for contact outside of class. The proper resources are essential for online teaching. Teachers should ensure they have equipment suitable for teaching students online, including hardware, software, and learning tools. Teachers should have a desktop computer with an updated camera and microphone in working condition. These tools are essential for students and teachers to communicate to one another. It enables the teacher to more clearly provide lectures and answers to questions, as well as to display visual representations of information. Audio and video quality should be tested regularly to ensure equipment is functioning normally. The computer should also have high-speed internet with unlimited data. Student-teacher engagement can occur from one end of the world to the other, and a 4G network or higher will ensure the best quality performance for such a range. Teachers should also have learning tools that students can easily see on a computer screen or download via web. Hard copies should include large images or interpretations by the teacher, such as through hand gestures, body language, and facial expressions. Tools like high quality and reliable computer equipment, internet, and software allow students to more directly engage with a teacher as though they are in the room with them. Teaching online takes students out of a professional classroom, and so it is important that the teacher brings the classroom environment back to online learning. This includes having a stable location for teaching that incorporates enough light for the students to see the teacher and teaching materials. It should also be void of any distracting visuals within range of the camera. The environment should also mitigate sound distractions by being kept in a quiet area with no people and minimal white noise. Unlike a normal school setting where students can easily find their teacher during office hours, online learners do not have a readily available teacher to answer questions outside of class. To ensure students have help with any additional questions or concerns regarding learning or instruction that takes place outside of the normal session, teachers should make themselves available in other contact methods. This would most likely include an email address that the students have on hand. The teacher should also have office hours so students may video call for a familiar face-to-face discussions when needed. Teaching face-to-face and teaching online both offer students an invaluable professional resource for learning, and both have significant advantages and disadvantages for teaching and learning. Both methods can offer the same information but in vastly different ways. In addition, online teaching requires additional tools and methods to ensure students gain the most they can benefit from the course. Tools like high quality and reliable computer equipment, internet, and software allow students to more directly engage with a teacher as though they are in the room with them.