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Being a parent is a very hard role to most of the people. What is the definition of a good parent? We have no model answer. But parents influence a lot to the child that we can be sure. As the first teacher of a child in life, parents have the biggest authority to choose the learning environment and direction for the child age under 3. This is a critical period on building up the personalities, habits, independency, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Usually parents will choose based on their observation on the preference of the child. For example, if the child reacts to music happily, the parent will put more resources on this part by buying books, CDs, etc. Some of the parents will base on their wish to choose teaching materials. Maybe they will send their child to ballet class or drawing class to set the study path for their child. This is common in Asia. Roles of parents in early childhood education The child will start building up their own thought and habits from 2 years old. They try to say no and refuse to follow the parents. So, most of the parents will send their child to a nursery or daycare center. Parents might have a feeling that their child would willing to listen to the teacher instead of themselves. This is a transition period to the child for knowing a new “big boss” in the classroom beside their parents. During this period, the parent should be a “soulmate” to their child instead of challenging their child for doing good in school but cannot do the same thing at home. The child needs to time to get use to the new environment and their own new society with parents. Parents try to be a good friend or soulmate is very important to the child during this period. The child needs a window to share stress for separation with parents or excitements in the school. Parents provide an open share atmosphere is a key. The child has good bounding with parents can develop good behavior, social skills, confidence, etc. These are very important to the child for the future. Roles of parents when academic education starts When the child grows older, old skills keep building up, new skills increasing and academic courses are setting up and get ready. Parents should be a “bridge” between the child and the school. Showing support to the child and involve into the school, such as joining school activities, follow up the syllabus and check on the performance with the teacher, etc. Based on the knowledge of the school, family education should line up with school education. That will be productive for teaching the child not only academic but personality build-up. Also, parents join school activities can help the child have strong belongingness to the school. That will directly affect the performance and involve the child. Usually, the schools will build up their own parent-teacher association to providing support to both parents and teachers as a good partnership for helping the children together. Bounding build-up period

Children treats parents as a role model that can follow. So if the parent supports the school, the child will have the same attitude and perspective to the school. If the parents have to be good “friends” with the child during the early childhood stage, they should be strong enough to influence the child because of the close relationship. Parents try not to miss the relationship build-up period which is around age 0-3. This is the critical period that the child needs you the most. Age 4-6 still can try to build it up but my experience is not as easy as the time around 0-3 years old. Suggestion: Remember you don’t owe your child. Each of them is unique and special.