Teach English in ShuAngtang Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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ENGLISH - GLOBAL LANGUAGE   Along with the development of science and technology, English has been playing an extremely important role in many fields including Medicine, Engineering and Education. Anyone needs English, English words for children, students, English for employees, English for hotel receptionists ... In the trend of globalization today, the importance of English is undeniable and ignored because it has been widely used in almost anywhere in the world. So English has a great influence on people if they want to develop comprehensively and succeed in life. Especially for a developing country like Vietnam, English has also been taught very early, from grade 1 or even kindergarten. There are also many young people who are aware of its importance because of such reasons as finding a high quality job, communicating with friends from outside the world, accessing resources. science that I have been pursuing. That is also the reason why many universities and colleges now also teach a lot of content in English as well as have standard foreign language output standards. ) for students upon graduation.In the corporate environment, the most common and arguably most important language is English. In addition, high quality work requires you to be able to understand and be able to communicate in English. As a result, new companies can easily expand their operations to other countries and these companies often use graduates who have English proficiency with academic results. Basically at the request of the business side. The fact also clearly shows that many graduates of good English proficiency will also find better jobs than those with limited English proficiency. In other words, students who know English will be able to do their job more effectively because they will be able to use useful information from foreign sources and on websites. world.Although being Vietnamese people, our country is also greatly affected by the world economy, foreign companies invest in Vietnam a lot. So how do we communicate? How? What if we didn't use English - the global language today? Just think that, if you have English and basic communication skills, you will surely find more job information for yourself, not to mention you can go to the country. in addition to working when you are confident in your English.In the world of technology, virtually every field benefits from its own development. Meanwhile, English is the basic language and is said to be the easiest to store and form, describe a program - a simple communication tool. Therefore, most English is included in the education systems in all countries of this world. Above all, universities want to equip students with English ability for three reasons: - Find yourself a favorite job related to the field of study. - Ability to communicate well with the outside world. - Easily find useful information. From an individual's point of view, generally everyone needs to have a common language, many years ago and in the future, English is still the most commonly used language in the whole world. For this reason, if you want to keep up with the trend of the times, the advancement and the development of technology, the innovation of the world ... We will have to know English even if we are any of our age. We know that English is the international language so if we can master it well, it can bring us a lot of good things like: it can help us enlarge our knowledge, have more opportunities in life and ways to communicate and entertain and so on. To talk about how English can help expand our knowledge, many things around us like books, newspapers, magazines, and movies… are in English. So if you know this language, you can understand those things and you can update latest news and trends or stuff like that. English is also popular on the internet. So just by typing English words, you can easily find what you want to know. Or let's say English can bring about things beyond Vietnam's border. In addition, English can bring us good opportunities in life. For example, now I want to go abroad to study, I need to have English. If my English is qualified, it's easier for me to get a scholarship. It not only brings us good opportunities in education but also in our career. When we are good at English, we often have more chances to get good jobs with a high salary. Finally English is a good tool for us to communicate and entertain. You know people all over the world learn to speak English, so we can talk to them if we know English. Life will become easier with English when we are in a foreign country and we know English. In addition it's obvious that many movies, songs, books, magazines, especially the most famous ones are made in English. Therefore, we can have more choices of entertainment when we know English. And I think there are a lot more advantages this language can bring to us, so now let's try to be good at English. Just these are enough to confirm the importance of English in all aspects of life