Teach English in Sihu Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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One of the most important skills to instill in children as a teacher is a love of reading. There are many ways in which a teacher instructing an English class with young learners can inspire them to have a passion for reading. A teacher can motivate students to read by making the classroom book friendly. The teacher could create a reading corner within the classroom filled with books ideal for young children, and during the study stage of a lesson, the teacher can read a children’s book to the class as well. Another way to motivate the students’ love of reading is to have them take turns reading a children’s book script and later give each student a plain piece of paper to draw out their favorite character from the book on it and spend some time coloring it. Then, after each student is finished with that task, they can present their artwork to the class and use the adjectives that they have learned during class to discuss the character which they selected from the book. Some other ways in which teachers can make reading fun for students and cause them to develop an appreciation for it may include using puppets to tell the children a story and having each student pick out a book for the teacher to read every week. This would encourage young learners to enjoy storytime and gain a better understanding of the common vocabulary which is used throughout the children’s books. It is important for teachers to also present the young students with books that are appropriate for their reading level and make sure that it strives to maintain cultural relevance. Another technique that teachers can utilize to instill a love of reading in children’s minds is having them log onto a specific website online that tells children’s stories in English and have them repeat the dialogue of the sentences by following along in reading the story. This will be both stimulating for the children’s mind and it will make reading an activity which is something to always look forward to since the students will discover not only how to read but also how to pronounce words in English which will greatly improve due to being so immersed in learning to read as a young learner. As an English teacher, it is beneficial to teach children that reading is usually done in silence, but it can also be accomplished while reading aloud to the class. Teachers should always be aware of which types of books they choose to introduce to their students because new vocabulary is great for them to learn from reading; however, expecting the young students to absorb an overwhelming amount of new English words will only lead to confusion and frustration, thus causing a potential negative outlook regarding the skill of reading. The teacher should always aim to captivate a student’s love for reading by remaining calm when a student mispronounces a word and not critiquing every sentence they read in English because that can easily bring their overall morale down. It is the responsibility of the teacher to instruct young students learning the English language that knowing how to read will provide them with a huge advantage in the world whether they want to communicate with their friends through reading text messages, have the confidence to volunteer to read out loud to the class, or develop their reading skills so that they will be very prepared in the future when it comes to taking a standardized test in order to get into college since strong English comprehension reading ability is very important. Another way that a teacher can motivate a student’s love for reading is by utilizing the approach of positive reinforcement for the students by rewarding the class points for every story they offer to read to their peers, and once the class has attained a certain amount of points, then the students can have the option to watch a movie based on the book they read or participate in arts and crafts which relate to the story. For younger learners under the age of nine years old, it is important for teachers to be aware that they enjoy listening to stories, like structure, enjoy pretending to be someone else, and have the desire to draw and create new things. Teachers can positively encourage their students to engage in reading by integrating planned activities into their lesson plans which keep the children active within the classroom, encourage lots of repetition, change activities on a regular basis so they don’t lose their patience, and keep instructions to the bare minimum because their concentration is lower. Embracing this technique within the basis of teaching reading skills will not only cause students to want to read more but they will also grow in their eagerness to look forward to coming to class every day in order to learn new concepts which will help them have a more well-rounded knowledge of the English language. For young learners from ten years old to thirteen years old, it is important for teachers to understand that the students tend to have a stronger memorization ability, so students can absorb more of what they have read and understand more abstract ideas when it comes to reading new material whether it be in books or articles. Furthermore, classroom activities tend to take longer since students at that age have more patience and less need to be in constant movement which allows for more focus to be put into the practice of reading in the English language. Finally, reading can also be incorporated into lesson plans for special holidays and the various seasons of the year since students can be given age-appropriate material that has simple articles to read where there is large print and pictures to better demonstrate what the article is conveying in English.