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Building Confidence In Students “Why It’s Important For Students To Be Confidant” In anything a individual does they need confidence. If a person is lacking in confidence they won’t do things to their full potential. So it’s especially important for a student to have confidence. If confidence is lacking they may not participate or be involved in class room activities or pay full attention period. If for example they are called on in class and have low confidence they might be hesitant to answer a question or saying anything to get attention taken off of them. I’m sure for students who’s native language is not english it might be intimidating for them. However, a teacher’s role could really help motivate and encourage them to not be shy depending on the teaching style. If activities are done in the class room about confidence building it could put students at ease and help them come out of their shell. Building confidence in students will and can have a lasting effect on their over all confidence and confidence building games may help. Role play situations maybe even make yourselves as the teacher vulnerable by speaking a few words in their native language as a example that can it be difficult learning a new language. Try getting to know them and ask them questions so they feel a good rapport with you and let them ask you questions. Maybe even do a short speech about the importance being confident can be on a whole . Not only in class rooms but in the world. It is important to have confidence and to be assertive in nature but not rude or over confident where it can come off as a cocky type of attitude. If you notice after all this has been attempted and individual person seems withdrawn maybe you can have a personal talk with them and maybe there’s a deeper root to it.Other building skills would be to research some activity lessons about confidence but that ties into the school curriculum so your still doing your job but is giving them confidence building skills at the same time.Another idea would advice them on future situations they would need confidence maybe when needing to speak english. As a english speaker yourself you could explain the importance when speaking english to other english speakers how confidence will be a valuable thing in certain scenarios. Overall I’d encourage and motivate the student in all areas and be motivating and a example to help them and let your confidence shine as the teacher. You can be the best motivating factor in helping a less confident student find their own confidence in themselves for class and in general to help them over all in life.Being a confident person will help them in life as a son, daughter, friend, mother, father, employee and period living in this world , where people unfortunately take advantage of people who they feel aren’t assertive and confident.So this could help the student in the long run and in life as a important life changing and needed new and improved characteristic.