Teach English in TashAn Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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In the few classes that I have taught of English before, I found this topic to be the most difficult – managing the classroom. Much like many aspects of life, the behavior and attitude of the teacher (or, me) colors the experience of not only those around him or her (me), but of the teacher his/herself (me). It can be easy to get frustrated with what is going on around us and throw blame around, claiming that is everyone else's fault but our own, but the truth is, most often it is our own approach or view on the issue that creates the problem. Finding creative solutions to not fall into this trap in life, and in the classroom, are essential. When I was frustrated with my students I often felt as though it was their fault and didn't know how to address the situation, and thanks to this course I now see it in a different light. The teacher's whole vibe is really what lets the students know how far they can go, and this same teacher's attitude towards the students creates an environment where, either the students want to be and participate, or one where they don't. I know that I, for example, in the classes I taught, did not come across as a tough teacher who was capable of discipline, so the students walked all over me. Now, this was both my own fault (for representing myself in this way), but also dependent on the students as well. Students, like every person in life, may come loaded up with dramas or problems that exist at home or outside of the classroom, which causes them to misbehave or to not want to participate. It may cause them to want to walk all over you as the teacher. Some may be purely hyper and attention-seeking, while others may be pressured by their peers or friends to misbehave. Other students may be gravely bored out of their minds, under-stimulated; and some may just feel disrespected or feel that you, as the teacher, lead a poor example, so they, too, follow suit. It is a great idea to lead, especially in classrooms with malleable and impressionable minds, by example. Give the respect you hope to receive, and arrive on time if you wish the same of the students. Do your best to be the best version of yourself, but also look for creative solutions with regards to what comes up with the students. How can we, as teachers, take advantage of what's going on (when applicable)? When there is a student seeking attention, let him have it! Make him our assistant, give him a place to be and a way for him to expend his energy, instead of fighting it. When there are problems with certain groups of students, let's mix up the classroom and make it interesting, create new dynamics. Students are bored? Let's have a twist in the typical lesson plan, let's switch it up or play a game. Every problem has a solution, and it doesn't have to be a 'me vs. them' scenario. With presence, a real desire to create a positive learning environment, and a little bit of creativity for when times get a little rough, managing the classroom doesn't have to be a hassle at all.