Teach English in Wanggou Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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Daily routines of teaching English as a second language to those in groups of different ages and sometimes having one student. You may develop some natural personal qualities that establishes an English teacher. Simple factors that are important to one that is experienced even when others assume that teaching English as a foreign language in general might be boring, in actuality it’s the time and ensuring lessons are well performed; sure there might be some classroom days that will be turned upside down and some students you come across might be difficult to teach but these are some important qualities a English teacher should have; Patience, Clarity, being observant, being modest and Discipline. The time a teacher takes to choose his/her first to last lesson and how it will be performed has to be precise to foresee that a lesson goes exactly as plan with his/her material but it doesn’t really predict the students attitude and how well they understand. Most teachers manage how much they are willing to spend on reading, activities and anything they have planned. They can sometimes be creative but doesn’t necessarily want to take up extra time. There will be topics that your students won’t understand, you must explain yourself further yet be lenient or maybe your lesson plan isn’t going the way you plan with work material like a projector that has malfunction. This is when patience really kicks in, to take a second to think of plan B to ensure that the lesson is still followed up for the students to stay on track with the course. Clarity is classified as important as well because not all teachers have good understanding sometimes English seems difficult to people who are learning it as a secondary language. Due to poor clarity starting from the teacher. When students are freshly learning a secondary language your best bet as a teacher is to make all instructions simple yet accurate. Do not have them guessing what they are to be doing, especially if you have a class full of mixed abilities. Keep your board clean and clear with your vocabulary, sentences and important keywords or terms that helps the students to know quick phrases. Yet at times you find that some things in other languages don’t mean the same thing as we might think. So be careful of certain words. Do a little research about one’s language to not mis-screw anything. All the teachers that teach English as a foreign language paying attention is one of those valuable keys. Take time to focus on your students to learn each of them. To decipher the weaker and stronger students, maybe even to pair up talkative students with less interactive students so it draws all attraction to you as the teacher, keep in mind interaction is good for classmates and also teachers and students but don’t try stray away from the lesson. Take in a count of every lesson as well to know where you stand as the educator. Always keep in mind everything you do as that role reflects on your students. Learn how to control your class and their learning levels. Make sure you are attentive to your own English, Correcting your own mistakes. In addition, there comes a period of experience you learn your own disciplinary strategies and be modest with it. You can give your students a coy smile to feel very welcome into the classroom. Don’t focus to much on what they think about you as first impression things change instead focus on your attitude and how you present your material and lesson planning for teaching. Many times, you find some teachers being a quite bit too harsh with representing and discipling, it’s better if you just gave a few class rules that are basic in every classroom and workout the rest base off future situations that could occur. None the less keep your patience and stern tone of voice. Make sure you introduce them into the appropriate way of conducting themselves in the classroom especially with their “language”. Now that I’ve given you a fundamental idea of some quality traits. You should feel very lucky to be a TEFL teacher a lot of people know how hard and important it is to learn English, but you possess it as your native language. Moving forward always remember that there are a lot of qualities that you can have but these are ones you might automatically develop in your teaching career as well you’ll have a full day of analyzing how to better your English first before others. Lastly this should help you build your inner confidence.