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Accent and pronunciation. These two words are the dream of every person learning a foreign language to sound like people from television, actors and native speakers. I remember perfectly well how my friends from college assumed that any of them, speaking in English in a bar or restaurant, would be taken as a British man thanks to their careful and precise pronunciation. In most cases, there were no winners, because getting rid of the accent is a very difficult art. Practicing the way of speaking characteristic of a given region of the world is extremely difficult, and in many cases impossible. It is quite difficult to generalize here, because a lot depends on the language you are learning and the number of features and skills that we possess or not. For most of us, while travelling we usually use English in order to communicate with locals and most of the times our native accent comes up and people can guess where we came from. However, this is not a reason for frustration, because the accent is nothing wrong. On the contrary! Why should you make friends with your accent? The accent is neither good nor bad. It is something natural. Our native language, which we surround ourselves with since childhood, has its own melody, rhythm, sounds, which for many foreigners are virtually indistinguishable and extremely difficult to articulate. It also works the other way around. It is difficult for us to imitate the sounds and melody of many other languages, because our speech apparatus is not adapted to them. Accent means you speak more than one language. It is a skill that you should not be ashamed of, because it testifies to your intelligence, ambition and hard work! Accent is also your business card. It makes you recognizable abroad and you have a better chance of being remembered. We can say that the accent is even sexy for instance French accent is assumed very sensual. For foreigners, your accent is something "exotic" and therefore appealing. Also on national television there are sometimes foreigners who, thanks to their charming foreign accent, have attracted crowds of fans. When we give up speaking in the company, because we are ashamed of your accent, because we think we sound funny or look like an unprofessional person, we are deprived of the opportunity to practice fluency in speaking. Only by practicing speaking, with or without accent, you can achieve fluency that is so important in communication. So we shouldn’t let the critic of the environment or our internal critic get in the way of language improvement. The accent itself is not our enemy, but wrong pronunciation is. Incorrectly pronounced and accented words are treated by native speakers of the language we are learning as serious mistakes, not to mention the fact that often one changed voice or word accent (meaning highlighting a given syllable in the word) in the wrong place may completely change the meaning of the word and sentence (especially in Vietnamese or Chinese). I will use an example recently encountered in the online wilderness. Here's how an innocent sentence in Spanish can become a real language monster. Mi papá tiene 47 años (My dad is 47 years old) Mi papa tiene 47 anos (My potato has 47 anus) And everything is guilty of incorrect pronunciation!