Teach English in Yangtun Zhen - Xuzhou Shi

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I have learned from experience and through this program that in order to have a successful class there must be successful classroom management. I currently teacher Kindergarten and have previous experience teaching preschool and online for GogoKid. Through all my teaching experience I have realized that my best classes were the ones when I was organized, had built relationships, and set clear expectations. In Unit 5, I read, “Rapport between the teacher and students (and between the student themselves) plays an important part in determining if a class is successful and enjoyable”. This proves that class success is not just based on lessons given but also the community built and environment. If students enjoy class, they will be more willing to participate and look forward to going to class and learning. Before students even come into the classroom an educator must be organized. That means having a lesson plan ready, materials prepped, technology tested. A routine in place and a plan for the day. Some students will really appreciate a laid-out schedule and syllabus so that they know what to expect. When I taught younger students, I always made sure to have a schedule posted with visuals so that they knew what was coming up next. In Unit 5 it reads, “Students are more likely to contribute and take part in the lesson when the atmosphere is relaxed and they get on well with the teacher”. It will also every help keep the environment more at ease if everyone knows what they are doing. From personal experience, nothing goes exactly according to plan, it is important to be flexible and really get to know your students. Students still rely on consistency and organization, for example a teacher always being on time. It is vital to their success and shows that an educator is reliable. In order to create a safe environment, where students feel welcome to learn and make mistakes, relationships must be made. In Unit 5 it stated, “for a class to be able to learn effectively the teacher must be able to inspire confidence in the students”. It is our duty as educators to empower our students and give them the tools and resources to enhance their education. They need to feel comfortable and welcome. That is why it is important to know all the student’s names. A great class community will also have all students using each other’s names as well. The whole class is on an exciting journey of learning. Through my own experience I have discovered that we are all learning together, I learn from my students as much as they learn from me. A vital part of successful classroom management are clear expectations. In Unit 5 it says, “It is important that the teacher strikes the correct balance between exercising control and encouraging a relaxed, friendly atmosphere conducive to learning”. Through experience I like to add that clear expectations go both ways. It is not only important for a teacher to set expectations, but students also hold expectations of their teacher. Expectations or rules that should be agreed upon. If they are stated clearly and understood, there will hardly be any problem behavior. From my experience, clear expectations and strong relationships prevent almost all problems. I strongly believe the most successful classes are those with exceptional classroom management. Where the class is organized and ready, the class community is strongly built, and expectations are clear and agreed upon. Students have a community to learn with, and they know what to expect of their teacher and class. Successful management creates successful students.